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Cloud onboarding completed
and then hit by the M365 update-tsunami

With the cloud, Microsoft 365 is now “evergreening”, meaning it continuously rolls out updates and new features – about 80 – 100 each month
without a warning and if the client wants to or not.
This poses many new daily conundrums for the IT service management and the administrators:

  • Completely overrun by the uncontrollable Microsoft update-tsunami
  • Hours of fighting through the Microsoft Message Center-, roadmap-, blog- and newsletter-jungle
  • Frustrated, as no time for customer service
  • Nobody is on the same level of information
  • Missed yet another new feature
Sound familiar?
Here’s the “click” fix for your
IT service management process:

The monthly
All-in-One Live-Event

A practical approach to Microsoft 365 changes and updates.
LIVE and fully comprehensive
  • 1-2 hours-long Teams-Live-Event
  • All pertinent information around the Microsoft 365 universe
  • Fully comprehensive (all current changes und updates)
  • Including guidelines and how to’s
  • Presented by Rolf Troendle, Microsoft MVP and Cloud Wizard
  • Recap and guidelines digitally accessible
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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.“ 

Mark Twain

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companies >250 employees


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Included services


1-2 hours-long Teams-live-event including all current announcements, updates, and upcoming features of Microsoft Office 365 in English (and also available in Swiss German). Presented with a practical approach by Rolf Troendle, the Microsoft Cloud Wizard & MVP.

Deep Dives

Regular Deep Dives into big feature updates. During 1-2hrs Rolf shares How To’s and answers burning questions, so that you can skip any other third-party service provider.

Trusted Advisor, Q&A

As your Trusted Advisor, Rolf Troendle, Microsoft Cloud Wizard & MVP, answers all your questions about the current changes by chat or email – all month long.

Fair pricing

A simple subscription plan per company with unlimited access for all IT employees. Fair pricing for small and bigger organizations, which can be cancelled at any time.

Company-wide access

The company subscription model allows all IT-employees to access the service. There is no longer an issue with information gaps.


Update and training in one.
Whenever a new feature is announced, it will be explained in detail. This means no further IT service provider is needed and the subscription may even be booked in your training cost account.

All documents digitally accessible

All documents such as the Powerpoint presentation with recap and guidelines are digitally accessible.

Large community

The ChangeCockpit-Teams community offers a place for exchange among M365 techies.

Practical approach

ChangeCockpit is a practical approach to Office 365 updates. All pertinent information in one spot, structured into the M365 work loads and organically designed How to guidelines make it a comfortable journey for the IT engineers.


All information, How To’s and tips from an independent expert with non-bias opinion. No hidden agenda for extra sales.

Fully comprehensive

The Teams-live-event is fully comprehensive and includes all current updates, announcements, and new features.

No hidden sales

The ChangeCockpit business model does not include additional services or sales. It intends to empower our customers to do it themselves.


A community with immense know-how






streaming hours


work hours saved


What our clients say:

ChangeCockpit crew

Rolf Troendle

Founder, Microsoft Cloud Wizard & MVP,
Trusted Advisor

Monica Hutter

Head Business Development &
Marketing Ninja

Mistress Inka

Chief Turtle Content Officer

Meet our captain :

Rolf Troendle –
Microsoft Cloud Wizard & MVP, Über-hiker and your Trusted Advisor

Hi, thanks for checking out the ChangeCockpit site.
My name is Rolf, I am a full-hearted Swiss IT professional and have been working in the Swiss IT service provider industry for over 20 years. In 2004, I specialized in Microsoft Exchange Server and was the first in Switzerland to obtain the “Microsoft Certified Master / Microsoft Certified Solutions Master” certification in Exchange Server (2007, 2010 & 2013).
Since 2015 I have been supporting many customers with cloud migrations and have realized that in the day to day business there is simply not enough time to study all of Microsoft’s automatic changes seriously and prepare yourself and the end users properly. During a hike (another passion of mine), this led to the idea of covering this crucial information gap in the form of the monthly ChangeCockpit live-event. Up next Microsoft awarded me the Microsoft MostValuableProfessional Award, which makes me part of the exclusive global network of around 3,000 Microsoft experts.
My goal is to empower my customers, make them feel comfortable with the Microsoft Cloud and lead them to become frontrunners in all things M365.