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Since 2019 we are empowering our clients with all things Microsoft 365.
On a monthly basis, we are presenting our clients all M365 announcements, updates and new features with the goal to streamline their IT department and bring them on equal footing.

Our business model does not include add-on sales or additional services.

ChangeCockpit crew

Rolf Troendle

Founder, Microsoft Cloud Wizard & MVP,
Trusted Advisor & Captain

Monica Hutter

Head Business Development,
Marketing Ninja & Copilot HI

Rebecca Süess

Cloud Growth Manager &
Social Selling Maven


M365 Prodigy &

Mistress Inka

Chief Turtle Content Officer &
Zen Grandmaster

Meet our captain :

Rolf Troendle –
Microsoft Cloud Wizard & MVP, Über-hiker and your Trusted Advisor

Hi, thanks for checking out the ChangeCockpit site.
My name is Rolf, I am a full-hearted Swiss IT professional and have been working in the Swiss IT service provider industry for over 20 years. In 2004, I specialized in Microsoft Exchange Server and was the first in Switzerland to obtain the “Microsoft Certified Master / Microsoft Certified Solutions Master” certification in Exchange Server (2007, 2010 & 2013).
Since 2015 I have been supporting many customers with cloud migrations and have realized that in the day to day business there is simply not enough time to study all of Microsoft’s automatic changes seriously and prepare yourself and the end users properly. During a hike (another passion of mine), this led to the idea of covering this crucial information gap in the form of the monthly ChangeCockpit live-event. Up next Microsoft awarded me the Microsoft MostValuableProfessional Award, which makes me part of the exclusive global network of around 3,000 Microsoft experts.
My goal is to empower my customers, make them feel comfortable with the Microsoft Cloud and lead them to become frontrunners in all things M365.


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